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Spurs eliminated Chelsea by a penalty kick in the English League Cup. Coach Mourinho talked about an argument with Lampard in the game and his views on Dell's departure midway. He revealed that the time with Lampard was only to express his views to former disciples.


"We made a game plan and it worked well. The formation we started was different from usual and we were not used to it."


"A player like Tanganga played for the first time, and he never played in a preseason game. Gedson was the first game, and so was Reggie. This is a problem for the team, but we won, the players The mentality is very good."


"At the beginning of the second half, we increased our intensity. I don’t remember that they shot. We attacked a very threatening area and missed a few opportunities in the penalty area. Kane’s appearance helped us a lot. We changed our formation. With more opportunities and more threats, we evened the score."


"Our performance was great, and the penalty shootout was also very good. The players are confident that they should win."


"Very good. I can't let him play on Thursday. Except for him, the team performed very well."


"What Dell did is not normal, but I need him to form a three-back. I know we can't rely on Tanganga and Toby in a game of this size."


"So I need Dell to work very hard, and of course he can't play on Thursday. In this case, he can't play his strongest strength, but that's it."


Before the game I told the players: "You can only think about this game and forget about the other games."


"But I can't do this. I'm one of the staff. We need to think about more games. It's also difficult."


"I hope he can come back after the international competition day."


"I hope that the coaches of the national team can look at the players' appearance data and know how long the Tottenham players have played this week. I hope they care about the players and protect them, because the Tottenham players have a huge task this week. It’s dangerous. It’s dangerous for me to play Dell today."


"We played well in three games. The game against Southampton was very good, better than the game against Newcastle, because the whole game was excellent. Tonight we were also very good in many ways."


"The character of the player is the factor that determines the penalty shootout. Of course you also need a little luck. Our five free-throwers are very confident and they told me which penalty they wanted."


"I just want Dell to come back as soon as there are no substitutions. He was suspected of getting injured in the first half because he played two games and was very tired and there was no energy in his muscles."


"The most important thing with Lampard is my feelings for him, not what we say. As my player, he can give everything, I will never forget, this is what I owe him, and I will never forget. My feeling for him is always how much I owe him. He used to be a great player and friend. The only thing I tell him is the opinion expressed as an old coach to a young and talented coach. We have to stand up when we are behind, when the players need us, and when we are leading, we don’t need to be the protagonist of the sideline."


"When they were behind 0-3 in the last game, I felt sorry for him because he was lost and quiet on the coach's bench. In terms of football, I can't teach him anything. He knows football very well. This is just my opinion. , Command on the sideline when falling behind, and stay calm when leading."


"The problem is that he is not peeing."




"He will recover in the training ground and maintain his best condition. Of course, we will train at the base together tomorrow."


"I think it's muscle fatigue, not injury. Sometimes it hurts. He doesn't feel the sensation in his legs. If I can't hold on, I want to change Sanchez immediately, but it's okay, he's fine."


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