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The process and results of this game are quite surprising. After all, judging from the state of Barcelona's recent games, it is rare that such a victory can be achieved against the opponents of the top seven. Facts have also proved that not every team is willing to use the method to deal with Barcelona. For example, Villarreal in this field, with a touch of press and fluffy defense, is like a dream, not waking up at all. Moving.


Setien has used the 4312 formation for the first time since coaching. Although he has been involved before, he mostly sells dog meat. Fati is at the winger every day. Where does the double striker advantage come from? In this game, Suarez and Griezman joined forces, with Messi as the front midfielder behind him. A completely different routine caught Villarreal by surprise.


This goal depends on two points: First, Roberto's good athletic ability, as Barcelona's current midfielder who runs the fastest without the ball, Barcelona on the 20th can hit the wall with Suarez in the picture.


Second, the running of the double forwards affects the defense. Suarez retraced, attracting a defensive player to the top. Griezmann pushed in deep and pressed the opponent's defense to reclaim the penalty area. Roberto used the defensive space created by the double forward to complete the goal organization.


The goal of the Barcelona double striker is to create a number advantage, so as to form a situation where the home team can play more and less. Ideals are beautiful, and reality is happier. As the team with the most goals conceded in the first seven leagues, Villarreal has almost no defensive organization.


Six Barcelona players were inserted between the home team's midfield line and the back line. No one interfered with Pique in the front field. The midfield position was not tight, and even Griezmann was not close behind as the receiver. The Frenchman can directly hit the opponent's defense line by turning around unless he stops the ball directly out of bounds.


Barcelona's double striker tactics in this field have indeed played a miraculous effect. When defending the double-forward formation, one player must be freed up to help the two central defenders to maintain a 2v1 advantage in the backcourt. However, the home team tried their best to block Barcelona's wing, and never expected that Barcelona would focus on the double forward.


Suarez retreats, if a defender is arranged to post the defense, the first loss is vivid; if Suarez retreats without arranging someone to post, they just turn around with the ball. What's even more annoying is that there is another Griezmann who continues to step in to create depth of offense for Barcelona.


In the picture, when Suarez and Griezman cooperated, Villarreal had three defensive lines, and there were only two players in the effective defensive position. The full-back who was dragged at the end was not helpful at all and was onlookers. Villarreal’s problem with no one to protect the central defense lasted for the entire game, sending Barcelona 18 shots and 12 shots on goal. There are not many such iron teams in this world.


For any team, it is possible not to fight without a barrel. Barcelona are unwilling, but not every team is Villarreal, they have surrounded the city wall, and they have to attack if they don't attack.


If Barcelona create a faster advancing speed, before the opponent has time to set up the defense, the team's offense will hit the opponent's penalty area, then how can Barcelona be polite with you.


Barcelona arranges Roberto for this reason. The players have excellent team awareness and follow the principle of faster football. He can serve as an important support for the team to advance. When the ball develops from his side, the team's offensive advancement will not stall.


Messi advancing in the middle caused the home team to advancing and defending, Roberto got the ribs to hold the ball. After the player got the ball, he continued to press the defense line and drove the opponent into the penalty area. Alba almost assisted in the pass. During the whole process, the ball moved forward.


If it was Artur, he would stand sideways after holding the ball and wait for Alba to get in place before separating. This period of waiting will allow the defense to reorganize, freeing up hands to protect the center and press for the fullbacks. There are more holes in defense in sports than in defense after standing in position.


In addition, Roberto is good at making advancements and superior skills when receiving the ball, helping Barcelona maintain the trend of moving forward.


This is the unique skill of the players produced by La Masia. A few touches have achieved the effect of getting rid of homeopathy. Atul, who ran away, did not understand. The Brazilian was good at holding the ball under his feet and getting rid of the defense through personal skills, observing his teammates running and sending the pass.


The two have their own strengths. If the Barcelona striker is MVP or the pinnacle of MSN, then Artur's tactical value is very great, get rid of the long pass and find the striker to create an offensive advantage. But Barcelona strikers can't run, so the advancing task needs to be handed over to players like Roberto. Therefore, Artur leaves Barcelona with a high probability of kicking out.


Roberto used a continuous kick in this advancement to ensure the speed of the team's advancement and at the same time prevent Villarreal from deploying in time. The three-person team was not disturbed by the opponent or intercepted by a returning player, and entered the opponent's defense zone smoothly.


It can be seen that the yellow submarine did not expect Barcelona to kick like this, otherwise they would not arrange a 190 Ivola and 35-year-old Cazorla to protect the line of defense. When Villarreal was defensive in this game, the only defender who could protect the point of defense was Zambo, the Cameroon midfielder who faced Griezmann and Roberto in the picture and finally chose to run with the ball.


It was coach Calleja that caused this 1v2 defensive situation. Villarreal was originally a two-winged team. When facing Barcelona, ​​the coach was shocked. The team's high press still maintained, and the center's vertical diagonal penetration was also available during the counterattack, but the wing attack was cut in half.


The yellow submarine's first point of counterattack in this field is always Chukwuze's side, including the team's equalizing goal, which is Chukwuze's diagonal pass, and Paco successfully created a murderous opportunity against offside.


The deviation of tactical tendencies kept everyone in the home team with a philosophy. After getting the ball, they only found Chukwuze on the right, so the following picture appeared.


Baka did it back, the striker closed in, and when he was preparing for a pass, he found that Chukwuze was offside. I am not afraid that I will cut in and wait for him to come back. Ok? Referee, why are you breaking my ball?


Huang Qian's persistence didn't move God, but hurt himself. Calleja made a substitution adjustment in the second half, returning his focus to the left, creating a defensive vacuum on this side of the team, and then they found that Messi had come to this side. What Barcelona waits for is the defensive vacuum after all your wide players go up.


Push the ribs with one hand




Barcelona took advantage of the opponent's most urgent mentality to equalize the score, and frequently targeted loopholes in the defense, resulting in this La Liga third firepower in the second half of the second half of the opportunity created is lower than the first half.


First of all, I think that if Messi leaves after the contract expires, the probability of returning to the old man in New York is very high, which is equivalent to retiring from retirement. Maybe Messi was still a good offensive player at the time, but people have their own wishes and ideas. Instead of lamenting that Messi will not be able to see Messi's game in the future, it is better to focus on every minute he plays.


Back to the game, Barcelona had more control talents, which led to a slower overall team advancing speed. When attacking the barrels, it was necessary to blast individual soldiers or join players with changing rhythms, thereby creating an offensive time difference to create a threat. Messi.


The Argentine is someone who can find breakthrough space from the opponent's tight defense. He can break the defense with the ball, or pass the ball to tear the defense, but he can't score with a tricky angle. But among the current players, he is the only one who can face the iron bucket like Messi and break the game by his own ability. Therefore, when other clubs are looking for another way out, Barcelona is still relying on Messi, 33 people.


Over time, Barcelona developed this Messi dependence. In case of a positional battle, it relied on No. 10. The team continued to encounter positional battles, and the cycle went back and forth, and Valverde dismissed get out of class.


The most commendable point of this game is that 2 of Barcelona's 4 goals have little to do with Messi. The goal of assisting Griezmann can actually be completed by another player. It's not that Messi's status quo can be replaced, but when the team's offensive task is no longer only he can complete, Barcelona can be considered to get rid of Messi's dependence. Like Messi's assist for Suarez's goal in the game, only he can do it.


This ball needs to be learned by the technical midfielders on the market. No matter how fancy your operation is when you take the ball directly to the goal, you still have the skills to turn around. Technical midfielders all need an excellent tactical environment to create space for them to play their specialties. The mid-lower team can accept it, and it is difficult for giants to make such changes.


Barcelona's 4-1 victory over Villarreal is Setien's first major victory over the top seven opponents in the league since coaching Barcelona, ​​and it is still away. After the quarter-finals, four wins and three draws remained unbeaten in seven rounds. If it weren't for Real Madrid's strength, Barcelona's performance would have been pretty good. The tactical ideas shown by the team in this game can be used to prepare for the next 4 rounds of the league. Although Huang Qian has his own problems, Barcelona has also come up with his due strength. This victory is not a fluke, but makes people. There was hope again.


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