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Hupu News, October 8th. Recently, Zhou Junchen, a teenager from Qingdao Huanghai rented out by Shenhua, said in an exclusive interview with the "Football" newspaper that the suspension period allowed him to grow up in advance, and he has to prove to everyone that he is worth looking forward to.


If there is a goal, I thought about scoring five goals before the start of the league. Now I only scored 1 goal in the first stage. There is still a gap from the goal, so I will continue to work hard. In fact, to be honest, this goal came a bit late, after all, it is already the sixth round against TEDA. I hope that more and more goals can be scored in the future, so let's make persistent efforts.


In fact, I think our team's performance in the first stage is generally in line with the basic expected results of the promotion. I think we have some surprises in the first stage of the game, and there are also some shortcomings. I think in the period from the first stage to the second stage, we can enhance the cooperation and hardship between our teams Strength, then go to fix some deficiencies, and strive to achieve better results in the second stage.


I am quite satisfied with my performance in the first stage, I think I actually got a lot of exercise in the first stage. As for my own performance, it is divided into two parts. First, there are many shortcomings, but there are also more exciting performances. I think these exciting parts are what I want to keep, but I hope that I can Through competition and training, it can gradually improve.


I communicated with Liu Ruofan after every game. To be honest, TEDA's game before the first stage was really difficult. Foreign aid was not available, and I encountered the head coach's dismissal. Liu Ruofan also communicated with me about these things. In the game I scored, Liu Ruofan immediately sent a WeChat message after the game to congratulate me. In fact, we have other exchanges, such as our performance in each game, our feelings about the game, where we have shortcomings, and where we need to improve.


Actually, I don’t want as a frontcourt player to have only breakthroughs from the fans’ perspective. I hope I am a more versatile midfielder who can score, break, assist and help the team more. Now I think my breakthrough is Yes, my disadvantage is that my defensive ability needs to be improved and my physical fitness needs to be improved.


In fact, there is no template. I always say that I will watch how Cao Yun Dingding plays. His style of play is the style of an excellent and mature player. The rationality and experience are much better than mine. I have more. Let's study and watch him play well. In fact, Director Wu taught me how to play, and most of the time he showed me Ding Ge’s videos, but I feel that under the premise of learning how Ding Ge plays, I still have to maintain my own characteristics, break through and improve passing.


This is a very important experience for me. At that time, many people thought that this child was banned for one year and was abandoned, unable to stand up, and degenerate. At that time, I was not convinced myself. I am very grateful to Shenhua’s leadership. I did not give up when I was suspended and gave me the opportunity to improve my own shortcomings. After the ban was lifted last year, playing in the Yellow Sea has been a precious experience. It is not easy.


This experience allowed me to grow up in advance. This event came earlier than later. I experienced these difficulties and setbacks at the beginning of my career. It will make me more mature and make me think more in life and training. Many, not as impulsive as before, just do your own thing. Let me mature a lot.


(You didn't play much last year) What injury was it?


At the end of May last year against the Chongqing Football Association Cup, I was injured very badly in that game, close to a third-degree strain. Basically only one or two muscles remained, and the rest were basically broken. At that time, I recuperated for three months. Just train with the team.


I think that the ban was just lifted at that time, "Hua Shuai" (Flores) also liked to give me a chance to play, but I was injured, I was very uncomfortable, and the U20 national team training, I was also selected for the list, all of a sudden because of injury I can't play the game because of illness.


I think the tournament system is also a test of how you regulate yourself in your daily life. This requires learning. I generally play games to relax myself. In fact, everyone has something boring. We have never experienced such a special season or spent such a long time in a closed environment, seeing the same people and things. In fact, I was like this in Chongming. I have a three-week holiday, one day at a time. In Chongming, it may be more boring than here. There is nothing.


It comes from my love of football. I can’t give up because of one thing. I want to prove it to everyone. The leaders of Shenhua have high expectations of me. I think I want to prove to them that they didn’t misunderstand the wrong person. The boss of Huang Hai likes me. , I want to prove to him that their likes are not wrong. I don't want to disappoint those who have expectations of me, that is very bad.

它源于我对足球的热爱。我不能因为一件事而放弃。我想向所有人证明这一点。神华的领导人对我寄予厚望。我想我想向他们证明他们没有误解错误的人。黄海的老板喜欢我。 ,我想向他证明自己的喜好并没有错。我不想让对我抱有期望的人失望,这很糟糕。

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