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Hupu News, September 29 Recently, the Secretary-General of the Chinese Football Association accepted an exclusive interview with the official Chinese Super League program, and summarized and interpreted the work of the first stage of the Chinese Super League.


At the beginning of July this year, the Chinese Football Association held a professional league media briefing in Shanghai. The Chairman of the Chinese Football Association Chen Xuyuan delivered a speech. When looking forward to the new season of the Chinese Super League, he put forward the goal of "one ensuring two goals", and strive to make the league healthy, orderly and Fair and wonderful. Under the guidance of the goal program, in the past three months, the first stage of the Chinese Super League has progressed on a smooth and orderly track, and has been positively affirmed by all sectors of society at home and abroad. For the first stage of the league, the Secretary-General of the Chinese Football Association Liu Yi used four key words: "responsibility", "scientific management", "work together", and "calling billions of hearts" to summarize and summarize.


When talking about "responsibility", he said: "When we were preparing for the rematch, we realized that this is not only a resumption of work in the Chinese football industry, but more importantly, an important resumption of work in the entire sports world. Production is also to show to the whole society, the whole nation, and the world that our country has achieved results in epidemic prevention, and our country’s determination and ability to resume work and production. With such a political position and responsibility, we can guarantee the entire semifinals. The work went smoothly and completely."

在谈到“责任”时,他说:“在为复赛做准备时,我们意识到这不仅是中国足球界的工作重任,更重要的是,这是整个体育界的重要工作重任。 。生产还向整个社会,整个国家和世界表明,我国在防疫工作中取得了成果,并具有恢复工作和生产的决心和能力,在这样的政治地位和责任下,我们可以保证整个半决赛。工作进行得很顺利,完全立博真正的网站。”

For an unprecedentedly complex and diverse competition system, Liu Yi believes that only under scientific management can it maintain its smooth and efficient operation. "In the entire Chinese Super League semi-final work, from epidemic prevention to logistics, from competition organization to broadcasting, and security, there are many conditions and branches. It is necessary to implement scientific management to maintain such a huge system. In this semi-final, we also made extensive use of some modern scientific and technological methods to bring efficiency and convenience to management." Liu Yi concluded.

对于一个前所未有的复杂和多样化的竞争体系,刘毅认为,只有在科学管理下,它才能保持平稳高效的运作。 “在中国超级联赛的整个半决赛中,从防疫到物流,从竞赛组织到广播以及安全,都有许多条件和分支机构。有必要实施科学管理以维持如此庞大的体系。在这种情况下,在半决赛中,我们还广泛使用了一些现代科学技术方法,为管理带来了效率和便利。”刘毅总结。

In order to ensure the development of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, the Chinese Football Association has sent more than 100 staff to Dalian and Suzhou. The organizing committees and governments of the two places have also organized a lot of manpower and material resources to support the operation of the game. , The development of the league has also received strong support from clubs, broadcasters, sponsors and fans. "All relevant interests are centered on the same goal, which contributed to the success of this Super League semi-final. Therefore, I think the four words of working together are also very important." Liu Yi said with emotion.

为了确保中国超级联赛第一阶段的发展,中国足协已向大连和苏州派遣了100多名员工。两地的组委会和政府也组织了大量的人力和物力来支持比赛的进行。 ,联盟的发展也得到了俱乐部,广播公司,赞助商和粉丝的大力支持。 “所有相关利益都集中在同一个目标上,这有助于这场超级联赛半决赛的成功。因此,我认为共同努力的四个词也非常重要。”刘毅感慨地说。

In addition, Secretary-General Liu Yi specifically mentioned the slogan of this year’s Chinese Super League, “Call for a hundred million hearts”, and included it together with “Responsibility”, “Scientific Management” and “Working Together” into the keywords of the first stage of the Chinese Super League. Library. "As the slogan emphasizes, through the rematch of the football match, we let the whole society see the brand new look that footballers present to everyone in the face of epidemic prevention, and also showed the whole society and the world our country's achievements in epidemic prevention and the resumption of work. The determination and ability to resume production and restore all complete economic life." Liu Yi said.

此外,秘书长刘毅还特别提到了今年中国超级联赛的口号“呼唤一亿颗心”,并将其与“责任”,“科学管理”和“共同努力”一起纳入关键词“中国超级联赛的第一阶段。图书馆。 “正如口号所强调的那样,通过足球比赛的重新比赛,我们让全社会看到足球运动员面对防疫向所有人展示的崭新面貌,并且向全社会和全世界展示了我国在防疫方面取得的成就预防和恢复工作。恢复生产和恢复全部经济生活的决心和能力。”刘怡说。

As the first stage of the Chinese Super League is in full swing, under the guidance of the policy of "One Guarantee Two Striving", facing unprecedented high-density, high-intensity, and ultra-long-span tournament system competitions, the two cities of Dalian and Suzhou, It is undoubtedly a challenging task for all the staff of the Super League club and the two competition areas. The concerted efforts of multiple parties not only ensure the smooth development of the game on the planned track, but also give all teams experience in the organization of the competition. Significantly improved.


"Although Dalian is a football city, it has been far away from the highest level of professional competitions in the world or Asia for quite some time. Similarly, although Suzhou is a very economically developed city, it is used in large-scale sports events, especially professional football events. There is still a blank spot in this respect. So I think that the Chinese Super League held in two divisions not only gave us a significant improvement in experience in running the game, but also a very big improvement for the local organizers and organizers. And these two cities are also the regions and cities where we will focus on training and incubating a series of international events such as the Asian Cup in the future." Liu Yi said in an interview.


In addition, Secretary-General Liu Yi highly affirmed the level shown in the first stage of the Chinese Super League and the performance of the club and the staff in the first stage. He said in an interview: "At first we were worried because all the teams have not had high-density games for more than half a year. Secondly, at the beginning of the Chinese Super League, it was the hottest time in the north and south of the country, so the competition The quality of the game will definitely be affected, and the schedule is very tight. After the first stage of the game, from a comprehensive point of view, we are better than the same period last year in all aspects. This is very rare, and it is through our various Fang’s efforts, including the club, medical team, and lawn maintenance team, ensured the intensity and excitement of the game."


When talking about the implementation details and implementation effects of the implementation of "One Guarantee Two Striving" in the first phase of the Chinese Super League, Liu Yi, Secretary-General of the Chinese Football Association, specifically mentioned two details in the epidemic prevention work to prove the first place in this Super League. The implementation effect of phased work.


"The entire Chinese Super League is a huge system with many specific measures, especially on epidemic prevention. Let me give two examples. The first is our express fresh food. Everyone knows that the players live in a long-term closed environment. They have different demands on various aspects of diet. According to their usual experience, they can purchase some more delicious fresh foods by express delivery. This year, through communication with epidemic prevention experts and local health The food chain is strictly controlled, the negative list is eliminated, and all express foods are strictly managed, while effective guidance and guidance are carried out, which not only allows athletes to obtain life protection, but also completes isolation from epidemic prevention. Measures."


"The second detail. Everyone knows the overall epidemic prevention situation in our country. Very stable results have been achieved this year, especially in the second half of the year. However, there are still varying degrees of repeated epidemics, rebounds, and even growth in some overseas areas. So we have made up for it. The incoming foreign aid is very cautious and has strict control over their testing methods and isolation methods. This also ensures that the replenishment of foreign aid entering the blue zone will not affect the epidemic prevention results of all participating athletes and participants."


Details determine success or failure, attitude determines everything. Facing the risk of the epidemic, the Chinese Super League team follows the principle of combining leniency and strict management, and uses scientific epidemic prevention measures and a meticulous work model to ensure the health of more than a thousand workers in the league, two major competition areas, and It also demonstrated the epidemic prevention achievements and responsibility of major countries to the world.


"Football is an international language system, and the successful rematch of the Chinese Super League will surely be widely spread all over the world. From the current point of view, all sectors of society, whether domestic or foreign, whether it is the football world or the entire society, are very important to us. The work is very positive. We have also seen positive reports from mainstream foreign news organizations, and have received positive responses from top European leagues such as the AFC and the Premier League. We hope we can share the epidemic prevention and logistical support adopted by the Chinese Super League semi-finals Related measures." Liu Yi said in the interview.


Since the sixth round of the Super League, as the domestic epidemic prevention and control battle has achieved major strategic results, Suzhou and Dalian have been opened to fans to watch the game. The long-lost figures and shouts have not only inspired all the players and staff in the stadium, but also gradually awakened them. The consumption potential and urban vitality of the two places.


Regarding the successful completion of the first phase of the Chinese Super League, the goal of opening up to fans to watch the game, Secretary-General Liu Yi mentioned three meanings. 1. Make the game more complete and the atmosphere of the arena with a new look; 2. Show the world our confidence and achievements in epidemic prevention; 3. Accelerate and simplify the admission procedures for fans. When talking about the third point, he said: "As our national defense work continues to improve, we may simplify all the procedures for inviting fans to enter the stadium in the next step. This has already taken the lead in Dalian. At this stage, as the intensity of the competition increases, I believe that fans will enter the stadium more enthusiastically. Therefore, the fact that fans can enter the stadium to watch the game is a very important step for us in this rematch."

关于成功完成中国超级联赛第一阶段,向球迷开放观看比赛的目标,秘书长刘毅提到了三层含义。 1.使游戏更加完整,并以崭新的面貌展现竞技场的气氛; 2.向世界展示我们在防疫方面的信心和成就; 3.加快并简化粉丝的入场程序。在谈到第三点时,他说:“随着国防工作的不断改善,下一步我们可以简化邀请球迷进入体育场的所有程序。这已经在大连带头了。在现阶段随着比赛强度的提高,我相信球迷会更加热情地进入体育场。因此,球迷可以进入体育场观看比赛这一事实对我们在这场比赛中非常重要。”

As an influential local competition brand in the world, the successful holding of the Chinese Super League also affects the accelerated recovery of the football industry, sports industry, and urban economy. In this regard, Secretary-General Liu Yi said: "The direct impact of the Chinese Super League semi-finals on the football industry and sports industry, including news broadcast, sports media industry, stadium protection, medical care, transportation, security, etc., related industries driven by our football matches There are many. This is a very obvious sign and a direct impact."

作为世界上极具影响力的地方比赛品牌,中国超级联赛的成功举办也影响了足球,体育和城市经济的加速复苏。对此,秘书长刘毅表示:“中超四强对足球产业和体育产业的直接影响,包括新闻广播,体育媒体产业,体育场馆保护,医疗,交通,安全等。 ,由我们的足球比赛带动的相关产业很多。这是一个非常明显的信号,并且具有直接影响。”

"The second impact is in the two competition areas. There are related activities like'Gusu 8:30' in Suzhou to stimulate consumption. As the second stage of the opening of the audience program is simplified, the intensity and suspense of the competition increase. I believe that in the second stage, the frequency and number of fans who come to these two regions to watch the games will also increase significantly. Therefore, the direct and indirect economic benefits brought by the games are immeasurable. This is also what we must overcome all difficulties. One of the most important starting points in this year's semi-finals." Liu Yi said.

“第二个影响是在两个比赛领域。在苏州有类似的活动'Gusu 8:30'来刺激消费。由于观众开放的第二阶段简化了,比赛的强度和悬念增加了我相信在第二阶段,来到这两个地区观看比赛的球迷的频率和数量也会大大增加,因此,比赛带来的直接和间接的经济效益是无法估量的。必须克服所有困难。这是今年半决赛最重要的起点之一。”刘怡说。

At present, the second stage of the Chinese Super League and the first round of matches have all been settled. The suspense and excitement of the second stage of the game is bound to be greatly improved. Regarding the expectations and prospects for the second stage of the Chinese Super League, Liu, Secretary-General of the Chinese Football Association Yi said: “First, the epidemic prevention work is determined not to relax, because the challenge will be greater, more audiences must enter the venue, and the whole society must move forward with more confidence. Therefore, we are duty-bound. The epidemic prevention work cannot be relaxed; second, the competition must be fair, and we must continue to improve the fairness of the competition. This is my biggest expectation for the second stage of the competition.


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